FOBWA (Friends of Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area) was created in 2001 and serves the area by:
  1. promoting the conservation ethos with regard to biodiversity, cultural heritage, ecology and the geological history of the area

  2. the promotion of community involvement with regard to participation, enjoyment, education and safe guarding of all the resources in the area.

Projects specifically addressed by FOBWA have been:

  1. Development of more rest and ablution facilities on the main road through the reserve. These will stop pollution of the reserve and reduce pressure on popular sites.

  2. Alien Invasive Vegetation Hacks For the last 5 years, Alien Vegetation Hacks have been staged at the Riverside section of the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve. Participants spend the weekend collecting seedlings and pulling up young trees. Larger trees are cut and the stumps poisoned with herbicides. The species targeted are Sesbania Punicea, Eucalyptus, black wattle and Australian willow . These invasive plants spread aggressively, use large amounts of water and promote devastating erosion. Wetland destruction and head-cutting of riverbeds can be attributed to the presence of these trees.

  3. Tree tagging: FOBWA placed tree tags at the Komdomo campsite as well as at the Groendal Wilderness Area.

  4. Cycad census: FOBWA has initiated a project to collect data on vulnerable cycad specimens. The data collected is lodged with DEDEA and will be used to highlight incidences of poaching.

  5. Willowmore cedar restoration project: The plan here is to initiate a plan to harvest seeds and to replant them back where they are found in the right manner and right location to significantly improve success rates. Initial thoughts are to start on private land working with landowners.

  6. Promotion of sustainable tourism activities.

  7. Restoration of the ECPTA house at Riverside. FOBWA members may be able to use the facility from 2015

Fobwa Baviaans,
Feb 5, 2012, 5:32 AM